Our Heart & Soul

"Good things come to those who wait and after every storm comes a rainbow of hope."

So many women have fertility struggles and it is never really talked about. Quite often women struggle with infertility, pregnancy loss or to carry their child to full term. After Every Storm is inspired to honor all women who struggle or have struggled with infertility and loss, who have now been blessed with their own rainbow babies. We love and support all mamas on this beautiful journey to motherhood.


Thanks for joining us as we move into our new online store! We do encourage  you to speak with Casey about special orders or to see what stock we have on hand until we get everything unpacked and set up.

A little of what we do

There are a number of products that we make by hand. Here are a few examples of what we do.

Head Bands

We make bows and headbands for all ages in all kinds of colors, styles and prints.

Key Chains

Mama wear your heart on your keys with our handmade and stylish keychains.


Do you love boho fashion? Look no further for the best accessories for that cute outfit.

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